Coco Chocolatier Labels

A self-initiated brief for a dream project re-imagining the packaging for three top selling chocolate bars by Coco Chocolatier. Each wrap was silk-screened by hand in my studio then photographed and digitally composed. The chocolate originates from Colombia and this, along with the different subtle flavours in each bar, became the main source of inspiration behind the motifs and colour palette. I looked at the dramatic landscape of Colombia’s national parks, patterns found within traditional textiles and the brightly coloured houses of Guatapé to inspire the collection. I also incorporated drawings of the natural ingredients – ginger, rhubarb and passionfruit plants – to set each wrap apart.

I initially created a bank of imagery to work with through collaging, drawing, mark making and mono-printing. I then used this material to create stencils for silk-screens. After deciding on a colour palette for each chocolate bar, I mixed my inks by eye and began printing freely on large sheets of paper. By continuously layering up images and blocks of solid colour over each other, I was able to create a narrative within each piece as the different elements began to interreact in unexpected ways. Embracing this way of working has meant the final packaging has a joyous and playful feel.