Woodland Rhythms Festival Identity

Woodland Rhythms Festival Identity Poster and accompanying assets for an imagined festival called 'Woodland Rhythms' taking place in a secret British forest location. The visualisation of rhythms in both sound and nature bring the design together to create an identity that draws on folklore, UK rave culture and our relationship with nature. Bold, graphic patterns… Read More

Nell Gwynne Ward: Chelsea And Westminster Hospital

Nell Gwynne Ward: Chelsea and Westminster Hospital I was commissioned by CW+ to produce a series of site-specific artworks for Nell Gwynne Ward, the Stroke and Neurology rehabilitation ward at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. As artist in residence, I created a bespoke series of corridor wall graphics that span roughly 15m and encompass the entire… Read More

Skateboard Deck Designs

Concrete Jungle Skateboard Decks Taking inspiration from local Brutalist architecture around South London, I developed a series of three skateboard decks playing on the concept of living in a concrete jungle. Collaging my own photographs of high rise blocks around Stockwell alongside drawings of tropical plants and birds, I created a trio of fun, surreal… Read More

TROVE x Melissa North Limited Edition Wallet

TROVE x Melissa North Limited Edition Wallet I worked with Trove as part of their artist of the month campaign to create a limited edition wallet that is only available for the month of March 2023. Trove are one of the last remaining small leather goods manufacturers in the UK and craftsmanship is at the… Read More

Liechtenstein National Museum Merchandise

Liechtenstein National Museum Merchandise A collection of illustrated merchandise designed especially for the Liechtenstein National Museum in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. The range of souvenirs includes heavyweight shopping bags, ceramic coasters, lens cloths, magnets, notebooks and postcards. The illustrations feature iconic landmarks of Liechtenstein such as Schloss Vaduz and the old Rheinbrücke, as well as illustrations of… Read More

Coco Chocolatier Labels

Coco Chocolatier Labels A self-initiated brief for a dream project re-imagining the packaging for three top selling chocolate bars by Coco Chocolatier. Each wrap was silk-screened by hand in my studio then photographed and digitally composed. The chocolate originates from Colombia and this, along with the different subtle flavours in each bar, became the main… Read More

Duppy Share Rum Labels

Duppy Share Rum Labels A self-initiated brief re-imagining the labels for two classic Caribbean rums by The Duppy Share. In Caribbean culture, 'Duppies' are said to be ghosts or spirits and can also take the form of snakes or lizards. This piece of folklore and its place in The Duppy Share story provided the inspiration… Read More

Life In The Tropics

Life In The Tropics A series of illustrations from a self-initiated project exploring wildlife found in the World's tropics. This project is inspired by my personal interest in biodiversity and travel. Read More

‘The Drunken Botanist’ Book Cover Design

'The Drunken Botanist' Book Cover Design A re-imagined book cover for Amy Stewart's 'The Drunken Botanist' originally published by Timber Press. I was inspired by the various plants and ingredients highlighted in the book as well as vintage alcohol vessels, and used these to create a bold, playful patterned design.  This project was not commissioned… Read More

‘Bitter Honey’ Book Cover Design

'Bitter Honey' Book Cover Design Full book cover illustration and design for 'Bitter Honey: Recipes and Stories from the Island of Sardinia' by Letitia Clarke published by Hardie Grant Books. I created this book cover design as part of a self-directed brief. The design picks up on ingredients within the recipes as well as building… Read More