TROVE x Melissa North Limited Edition Wallet

I worked with Trove as part of their artist of the month campaign to create a limited edition wallet that is only available for the month of March 2023.

Trove are one of the last remaining small leather goods manufacturers in the UK and craftsmanship is at the core of all their products. Thinking about the shape and function of the wallet, my design was inspired by some of the beautiful vintage stamps and paper notes that I have collected on my travels over the years. Lots of these featured flora and fauna from the country of origin along with an array of graphic shapes in the background.

The central focus of my design is a swallowtail butterfly. The majority are tropical but these insects do migrate and can be seen in parts of the UK. Their beautifully unusual shape has always intrigued me and I wanted to reflect some of the patterns found on their wings in my design. I created a range of textures to work with by drawing abstract patterns with ink, photocopying different papers and cutting these up to reveal new forms. I combined my hand drawn butterfly motif and these textures with a warm colour palette to evoke a sense of tropical heat.

The final wallet features a high resolution print of my illustration on the finest quality Italian veg-tanned leather. It can comfortably fit 10 cards along with paper notes, photos and keepsakes. The wallet is a very limited edition and is only available to buy throughout March from the Trove website.