Kent Coastal Prints

A selection of silk-screen prints from a self-initiated project exploring locations along the Kent coast. This is an ongoing series that aims to celebrate popular and historical destinations in the South East of England. Each print was created using my own photographs and drawings and then screenprinted by hand. The locations of the Kent coastal prints include: Deal, Dreamland in Margate, Margate seafront and Whitstable harbour.

All artworks in the Kent coastal prints series are limited editions and are available to buy from my shop. Alternatively, I can create bespoke artworks about favourite locations for clients using their photographs. If you are interested in commissioning me to make a bespoke artwork, I would love to hear from you! Send me an email via melissa@melissa-north.com to discuss your ideas.

Dreamland Margate architecture Art Print
'Dreamland Margate' Screenprint
'Summer In Margate' Screenprint

I use an experimental approach to creating my prints. This often starts with making a physical collage to set a rough composition before exposing photographs, drawings and textures onto silk-screens. My colour palettes are inspired by the locations in the prints.  I use water based inks and these are all mixed by eye.

The image is built up in layers and by printing one colour at a time. I use a squeegee to push ink through the silk-screen and onto the paper beneath. Working on a few sheets of paper at a time means I can create several compositions at once and then decide on one ‘final’ print at the end. This is then printed as a limited edition run.

'Deal Town' Screenprint
'Whitstable Harbour' Screenprint